Some of Our Everyday Offerings:

When you’re looking for a state of the art advanced CCTV system, it can seem like a daunting task – too many to choose from! We take the time to break it down and provide the simple answers you need to make an informed decision. 

Are you looking for a camera that can look in two directions at the same time? A fish-eye camera that can see the whole picture all at once? A view of your parking lot? We can find the perfect solution for you.

At Genesis Alarm Technologies, we match you to the precise product(s) that meet your exacting needs, not the ones we’re trying to sell.

Tomorrows technology at your fingertips

prepare for the future

Our world is changing so rapidly – 5G, IOT, VR, XVR, Google, Alexa, ITTT – You don’t want to invest in something that will be obsolete the day you purchase it! We are always expanding our range of products to apprehend the very latest innovations in protective technologies.

commercial properties

facility management

Your facility is important to us. You need to rest assured that the safety of your occupants is in good hands. You need to be able to “look-in” to the key choke points for security. You need to satisfy national and local fire codes. You need to have a reliable service organization that answers the phone when you call. That’s where Genesis Alarm Technologies can step in and provide a wholistic solution that resolves all these issues.

intrusion alarm

protect your property and assets

You have an investment to protect. Take advantage of the latest in wireless and Internet technologies to secure and protect your valuable property and assets. Whether fire alarm or intrusion alarm, you need to know when things go awry. Today, you can be notified at your fingertips – via smart phone, tablet, and your PC.