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We specialize in the Integration of such Critical Security Technologies as:

Fire Alarm, CCTV, Intrusion/Security Alarm, and Access Control. We take pride in delivering to you the latest industry innovations in a user friendly, easy to learn and operate package that allows you, the end user, to realize the maximum benefit and protection of your loved ones and valuables.


what we do

fire alarm

Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm

Excellence in Fire Alarm Detection and Notification translates to lives and property saved. That is why we are dedicated to harnessing the very best of the available technology and delivering it in the most cost-effective manner. Our clients enjoy the very best in design and functionality while preserving their budgets.

intrusion and security alarm

State of the Art Security Technologies

CCTV NVR HD 8k 360D night vision

Network and HD Over Coax

You know what they say “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Imagine what full HD quality video can say when your family and important belongings are on the line! Our CCTV video surveillance packages deliver in a big way, with state-of-the-art systems for every budget.

Access control

Facility/Employee Access Management

Access Control brings facility occupation management under your full control. With full network access, you control who can open what door and when. Advanced reporting capabilities allow you to analyze personnel movement and traffic flow.

We’re There for You!

As one of the areas leading Alarm Contracting companies, we are proud to offer a multitude of security and property protection services. Our services are cost-effective, delivered on-time, and designed to improve the value of your facility.

In order to best serve you, our customers, we have gathered a team of engineers, architects, technicians, and even law enforcement professionals to work diligently on all security and protection projects. Our team specializes in bringing safety, NFPA compliance, and protection to your valued property for commercial and residential security projects. Give us a call to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team today!

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Fire Alarm


Access Control

Consultant Services

we can fix it!

Our trusted team of experts are ready to help you resolve problems, repair troubles, and improve the value of your facility. Our service department is standing by to help ensure that you aptly protect your property, as we carefully conduct maintenance repairs and all required annual inspections and central station alarm monitoring services.


Alarm monitoring

If the alarm goes off and no one responds, what good is it? We use state-of-the-art digital alarm communicators to reach the emergency forces when they are most desperately needed. No phone lines? No problem! We offer LTE wireless alarm communication technologies allowing you to say “Good-bye” to your telcom provider!

fire alarm inspections

Stay in compliance to all NFPA, national, state, and local requirements. Our inspection department is ready to schedule your inspection today!

electronic Repairs

Whether you want to repair a simple trouble condition or do a complete system overhaul, our factory trained professionals are ready to resolve your problems.

Your Security needs are in good hands!